Tangy Hawaiian Pizza (Serves: 1 - 2)


  • 1 pc Kawan Paratha
  • 1 can Pineapple (drained and diced)
  • 200g Chicken Fillet (cleaned and diced)
  • 1/2 bulb Large Onion (peeled and chopped)
  • 100g Tomato Puree
  • 100g Mozzarella Cheese
  • Oregano herbs
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. Pre-heat oven at 180°C.
  2. Remove paratha from freezer and discard the plastic films.
  3. Place paratha on a baking tray and spread tomato puree on the surface leaving 1.5 cm from edge uncovered.
  4. Distribute diced chicken, onions, pineapples and cheese on it.
  5. Sprinkle with some salt, pepper and herbs.
  6. Bake for 20 - 25 minutes or until golden brown.
  7. Remove from oven and cut pizza into 4 and enjoy while it is hot.

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