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A globally recognised food service brand and frozen food supplier, Kawan is the favourite choice of our Malaysian consumers from all races and ethnicity. As a certified halal frozen food supplier, Kawan strives to deliver the wholesome goodness of home-prepared meals to families all over the world at great convenience.

As a leading foodservice operator, Kawan strives towards facing the ever increasing consumer demands by providing fresh, quality, nutritious food as fast and efficiently as possible while keeping costs down. With our industry insights and world leading research and innovation, Kawan Food is continuously creating new high-function, fit-for purpose food service management and solutions that help meet the demands foodservice of professionals around the world.

Contact us today to become our privileged food service partner. Our dedicated team will be happy to help customize and tailor a food service or catering solution to suit you and your business needs. Fill in the form on our contact page or give us a call now to find out how to sign up as one of our contract food service companies.

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Healthy, High Quality Ingredients

As one of the top halal food manufacturers in Malaysia, Kawan Food offers halal desserts, vegetarian food, baked goods and ready to eat meals that have Halal certification by JAKIM. We pride ourselves in using only the finest ingredients and our products are free from trans-fat and no added preservatives. Being one of the top few restaurant food suppliers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - you can rest assured that consumers will be getting the same superior quality as restaurants across the country.

Invested in research and innovation

Our dedicated research and development team works hard to continuously improve and innovate our food service solutions. This includes our advanced quick freezing method that lock in the freshness and goodness of the products, so that they will taste as good as freshly prepared products when reheated. Additionally, our cold storage facility's ASRS technology ensure more efficient warehouse operation, a higher stock keeping capacity while reducing manpower and temperature fluctuation.

Kawan Foodservice Malaysia

Kawan covers a wide range of eating occasions and outlets for the foodservice industry including hotels, restaurants, cafes and cafeterias, bakeries, cinemas and theatres, schools, airports and hospitals. If you require unique food items for your establishment, Kawan’s food service will be able to tailor a solution to suit your specific requirements.