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Buy Fried Bean Curd Skin Online

Bean curd skin or sheets, also known as tofu skin or yuba, are like the pastry wraps of Chinese cuisine for savoury dishes. Thin and flexible, tofu skin can be wrapped around any number of fillings to make varieties of bean curd rolls like what you get at dim sum!

Tofu skin is made when soy milk is heated to form curds and a rich, fatty layer forms over the top. To make tofu skin or sheets, this layer is gently removed and then dried. Kawan Food offers two types of tofu skin - fried bean curd skin and salted bean curd sheets. Fried beancurd sheets are perfect for frying or for adding to soups.

Looking to cut down on carbs? Some recipes call for cutting bean curd skin into strips and then stir-frying them with vegetables and protein as a substitute for wheat or rice noodles. If you’re looking to make braised or fried beancurd rolls, then the salted beancurd sheets are perfect for wrapping all varieties of filling.

Kawan Food Fried Bean Curd Skin Malaysia

No doubt, beancurd sheets are highly versatile and ideal in any Asian cuisine. With Kawan Food’s deep fried tofu skin, you can have the convenience of cooking your favourite beancurd roll recipes at home whenever the need arises. What’s better than having all your favourite dishes with fried beancurd skin steamboat at home with your friends and family? The best part is that our deep fried bean curd skin is healthy, vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, and dairy-free. This makes them suitable for those who are health-conscious or with special dietary needs.

Kawan’s bean curd sheets are also Halal-certified, free from added preservatives and trans fat free. You’ll also find they have no added MSG too, and they have enough amazing flavour to make them so loved by local home cooks and professional chefs. No need to stop by your local supermarket wondering about bean curd skin and where to buy them. Now, you can buy frozen beancurd sheets online from Kawan Food’s online store and get them delivered straight to your doorstep. Shop the range above!