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Proud of our history and are committed to the future

About us

Kawan Food Berhad is one of Malaysia’s leading exporter and largest manufacturer of frozen Asian food delicacies worldwide.

We are all about providing our consumers with authentic, safe and highest quality products at affordable price, while making a difference in the lives of our shareholders, consumers, business partners, employees and the community. What has enable Kawan Food Berhad to achieve market leadership is an unwavering commitment to the values of excellence, innovation, reliability, growth, fariness and good citizenship.

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Message from Tim

“Frozen is fresh!”
Managing Director of Kawan Food Berhad
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Our partners

It is impossible to imagine a future without the predicted close relationships with reliable partners.

Our history

History KAWAN FOOD BERHAD has more than 40 years of productive work.

It all started more than 40 years ago at a modest family-run business that made and sold home-made traditional pastries to local groceries and supermarkets.

Export Countries
Awards & Recognition

Board of Directors

Executive Chairman
Gan Thiam Chai
Malaysian, Male, Aged 65
Managing Director
Timothy Tan Heng Han
Malaysian, Male, Aged 37
Executive Director
Gan Thiam Hock
Malaysian, Male, Aged 56
Executive Director
Kwan Sok Kay
Malaysian, Female, Aged 64
Non-Executive Director
Chen Seng Chong
Malaysian, Male, Aged 70
Non-Executive Director
Lim Peng @ Lim Pang Tun
Malaysian, Male, Aged 64
Non-Executive Director
Dr Nik Ismail Bin Nik Daud
Malaysian, Male, Aged 68
Non-Executive Director
Lim Hun Soon @ David Lim
Malaysian, Male, Aged 63
Non-Executive Director
Nareshchandra Gordhandas Nagrecha
British, Male, Aged 67
Non-Executive Director
Abdul Razak Bin Shakor
Malaysian, Male, Aged 60

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

The most important objective of our company is to obtain profitability in the long term. Guided by its mission and values we seek to achieve profits without prejudice to society and the environment.